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Corned Beef &Stash Fatty w/ Bacon & Cheese

Submited by: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick Region: VA

This is a great twist on what folks on the Competition BBQ Circuit call a Fatty. A traditional Fatty with be a large Sausage Roll that is put in the cooker late at night to be eaten early in the morning with Breakfast. Later folks started stuffing with Cheeses and things and even wrapping with Bacon.

My version uses Corned Beef Hash instead of the Sausage and I do a weaved bacon wrap. This can be prepped up a day or two in advance and kept cool to it's time to Tailgate.

Ingredients: 1 lb Bacon [Medium Thickness]
1 15oz Can of Corned Beef Hash
4oz Velveeta Cheese
2 Pieces Cooked Bacon

Directions: To start use a standard "Thick" Bacon. They were more uniform then the thin bacon too. Lay [6] pieces out flat next to each other and weave another [6] making a tight Bacon "Mat". Season the Top/Inside of the mat with Cracked Pepper Rub and set aside.

On a piece of foil or plastic wrap flatten out the Corned Beef Hash the same width as Bacon Mat. Crumble the Cooked Bacon and cut up the Cheese to fit inside. Roll the Corned Beef around the Cheese and Bacon.

Set this "Fatty" on the Bacon Mat and roll it up nice and tight leaving the Seam on the bottom. Wrap this nice and tight with plastic Wrap and refrigerate to set the shape.

This can be slow smoked at 250 degrees for a few hours until Bacon is crispy or grilled indirectly at about 350 degrees until Bacon is crisp.

If'n that doesn't "Getcha Going" before a Race yer Dead!

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