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Indirect Grilled Kettle Wings

Submited by: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick Region: VA

Nothing says Tailgating as much as Chicken Wings in my opinion. They can be prepped way in advance in a thousand different ways and Grilled, Smoked, Fried or cooked with just about any cooker you can get in a Parking Lot.

Ingredients: Chicken Wings
Garden Herb Chicken Rub by Pit Crew Barbeque [or favorite Rub]
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Sesame Oil

Directions: 1. Clean up and wash the Chicken Wings

2. Cut off the Wing Tip and drum from [2] Two Bone Piece

3. In a large Bowl add about a 1/4 Quarter Cup each of Olive Oil and Lemon Juice. Add just a small dash of Sesame Oil. Too much will over power everything.

4. Toss in about a 1/4 Quarter Cup of Rub till evenly coated.

5. Put in a Ziplock Bag in Refrigerator or Cooler till time to cook.

6. Cook until crispy and you have an Internal Temp. of 170 degrees.

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