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Peg Leg Chicken Drums

Submited by: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick Region: VA

Ok let me throw you guys a Bone. Chicken bone that is. What I'm going to show you can be cooked on every cooker there is on the market. You can straight up Gas Grill these, Indirect Grill on Charcoal Double Chef Cooker like I am doing

Ingredients: Chicken Drums
Garden Herb Chick Rub by Pit Crew Barbeque [or favorite Rub]
Homestyle Apple BBQ Sauce by Pit Crew Barbeque [or favorite Sauce
Salt & Pepper
Brown Sugar

Directions: 1. You want to wash and clean your Chicken Drums real good and I like to pat dry with paper towels to make them more easy to hold. You can use a knife but using poultry scissors is much more safe to cut all the way around the lower part of the chicken drum just below the meat. Cut it all the way around and I use the scissors to score around to get a clean cut. Next peel off the lower skin and knuckle. Sometimes you may need to cut around that area too. Practice makes perfect!

2. Next lay out some Bacon and sprinkle on one side only with fresh cracked salt and pepper and some good brown sugar.

3. Now that the Bacon is coated then coat the chicken with you favorite Rub, Chicken Seasoning or just plain Neked. Now we need togetherness. Wrap a piece of Bacon [Brown Sugar Side In] around the meat of the drum and hold with a Toothpick or two. Don't buy the ones you see. They were too thin to poke through chicken skin and I broke 50 doing just 10 drums. Argggh!

4. Now throw these Peg Leg Chicken Drums on a rack of some type to stand them up or they can be cooked on their sides and turned. Like I said these can be Smoked, Indirectly Charcoal Grilled, Upper Rack Infrared Gas Grilled or Infrared Roasted in your Char-Broil Big Easy Turkey Fryer.
When they are fully cooked and the last few minutes of the cook time I will mop with a nice sweet BBQ Sauce. I used my Carolina Mustard, Brown Sugar and Apple Cider Vinegar sauce.

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