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4-Way Grilln' Wrench: Perfect NASCAR Tailgating Tool

Submited by: Pit Boss Mike Hedrick Region: VA

Being a Pit Master for years and now the Pit Boss here at I have seen and had many Grilling Tools and Toys but never anything quite like this.

The 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench is the most solid feeling cooking tool I have ever had in my hands. It's built like Automotive Tools are made and that's with a great design to achieve maximum performance and made of rock solid materials.

Add to that it looks like something right straight off Pit Road and in the Tool Box of your favorite Drivers Gear and what more would you want? You won't know whether to use this beauty or hang in on the wall with your other NASCAR stuff.

My very favorite [2] Two things I like about the 4-Way Grilln' Wrench is the fact that the Tips unscrew out for easy cleaning and changing and the Super Firm Grip Handles.

Oh, let's make that [3] Three things because the Spatula is sharp enough to make the 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench handle anything on the Grill.

This gets my hands down 100% endorsement and is a must have for any NASCAR Tailgater. Look for mine with me every time you see me cooking folks.

Ingredients: [1] 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench

Directions: 1. You buy the 4 - Way Grilln' Wrench

2. Carefully get it out of the packaging.

3. Show all of your NASCAR Buddies.

4. Use them for all your Grilln' needs!

5. Use them Safely & Correctly

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