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Tailgators Scrambled Eggs

Submited by: Bryan Knox Region: WI

I want to thank Jim and Jan McLaughlin of Wisconsin for this tailgating tip. I met this fine couple in Joliet at the Chicagoland Speedway and they had a great idea for personalized and ready to cook easy scrambled eggs. Here is what you do, and you can adjust the ingredients how ever you like.

Ingredients: Zip-Lock bags 2-3 eggs Grated Cheese Chopped onion Chopped Green and red pepper Whatever else you like in scramled eggs

Directions: Take a zip-lock bag and crack the eggs in the bag. Place whatever ingredients you like in your scrambled eggs in the bag as well. Squish it all together, write your name on it and place in cooler. Make one of these for everyone who is going to have scrambled eggs. When you are going to cook them place the bags in a pot of boiling water for about 8 minutes. Done! They will fall out of the bag and retain the shape of the bag which is perfect to make a breakfast scrambled egg wrap out of by placing in a tortilla which the condiments of your choice. Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed the race.

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